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Monday, May 31, 2010

Caramel and Chocolate Fudge Sauce

Needed to make Caramel Sauce for my morning coffee's. Yes need to use good ingredients to get good caramel sauce.  Also made Valrhona Dark Chocolate Caramel Sauce. I gave my sister in law a batch of caramel sauce yesterday as well to take back to Monterey.  I love this recipe as it stays squeezeable goodness. If you can't boil water you can do this.  Need patience and time.

1.5 Cups of Organic Sugar

1/3 plus a teaspoon water
1.5 Cups of Organic Whole Whipping Cream (yes you can do it with non-organics)
2 teaspoons Good Pure Vanilla Extract
1 heaping Teaspoon of European Butter or Plugra (yes you can use regular butter)
Patience and time

In a good pot pour the sugar in pot then place the water on top hook on the candy thermometer
on medium heat bring the sugar up to 350 degrees it should be bubbling and you need to keep an eye on the sugar and color now the color creates the taste so you don't want to burn it at 350 and a tad higher it will  be turning a nice color I like mine medium dark.
Reduce the heat to as low as you can, put the pat of butter, then the vanilla, followed by all the cream.
Start whisking and the sugar will ball up but keep working it with a whisk until it's all dissolved. Turn off heat and keep whisking for a minute or so.
It will look extremely loose and wet looking.  You will be tempted to cook it until it gets thicker don't!!!!!
You will need to let cool completely then pour into a covered container once completely cooled put in fridge.
You will be amazed the next day it's a nice thickened silky deliciousness.  It's like Magic.

Now if you make Chocolate Caramel Sauce, follow the same and after you have worked the caramel take off the stove and keep whisking, slowly put it in 3-4oz of shave or chopped chocolate if you are using Valrhona Chocolate (I use 4 squares of the bar from Trader Joe's) and it's plenty. Stir in the Chocolate and keep working it in and temper it down and keep stirring.  Let it cool for a while swing by it and give it a stir.
You can put in fridge.  Now if it's soft hardened then you will need to  melt in micro for  15 seconds to pour over Ice Cream too long in microwave it will scorch.

Voile' Bon appetit!!!