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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chicken Long Rice

Yesterday was a extremely long day, one of those I wish I was 20 again and had all the energy in the world to accomplish everything. My company was participating in the HOPENOW event with many Lender's and helping folks keep their homes from going into Foreclosure.

I cooked early this morning woke up at 5a.m.  Made fried rice for Papa for his lunch and Chicken Long  Rice for his lunch today and for his work lunch.
Broke da mouf for me it did.
Okay this is breakfast fried rice but can be an entree' or by itself fried rice
This one has medley Brown Rice and Genmai Brown rice and wild rice Medley no white rice in this one.
Chives, Scallion and Cippolini Onion, Pancetta and scrambled egg.