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Saturday, July 17, 2010

BLT with Fresh Foccacia with a surprise

Okay okay you make a pan of 13 x 9 Foccacia then what?  Besides cutting piece after piece after piece and putting butter or none or dipping in Olive Oil and Good Balsamic what do you do?  Hah!

We we had breakfast this morning then I had extra really good

BLCT on Foccacia

I had Butter Bib lettuce, Heirloom tomatoes small ones that are so sweet, I had dungeness crab.

I made a spread of mayo dijon and sandwich spread, then I mixed the dungeness crab with mayo and pepper.

Slice the tomato and layered it up. Winnahs!  Hubby loved it and to go along a Nathan Kosher Dill Pickle amazing had a nice flavor.