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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fig Dessert Inspired by Zen Can Cook

Fig Dessert done with inspiration by Zen can cook Now I saw ripened figs and got all excited at Nugget.
The basket I purchased had the best ones but they were soft but heavenly sweet.

So out comes the Puff Pastry sometimes that stuff and I don't see eye to eye good thing I make extra cuts.
Anyhew, since I don't really Apricot Jam or Preserves, I don't know why I just don't.  I had some Lilikoi/Guava Jelly from the 'aina and voile my glaze.  So added a dab strip of mango sauce one side and guava pearls on the other side and doppled some macnuts.  My opinion Winnahs.  Because no thing in the pastry just the pasty.

So maybe I'll make a bigger one to bring to wherever the car goes Saturday.
Bon Appetito