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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Morimoto Napa 7/25 and 7/30

Pappa's Wagyu with Shoyu Dashi

Pappa's 10 year old Sake  $22. for 2oz
My steamed Halibut in Sake and pearl of Chili Oil with Black Bean Paste

10 Yr age Sake and Lychee Daquiri
The coffee was really good too
Donuts for 1 but we shared see sugars below

Front of Chef Morimoto's Restaurant on Main Street at the Riverfront

Kakuni Appetizer best Kakuni I ever had with Fried Burdock Root atop Scallop Congee

My son in law said this beer was very good

I couldn't help it I ordered it again as my Entree' too onolicious
Pecan Brownie with Espresso Ice Cream and Brown Sugar Tuille and Espresso Bean
This above and below melted my heart I will go again and get this for myself.
Toro Tartare. These dishes were made specifically for Chef's restaurants.
I tried everything but the Wasabe.

This is Frenchie Salad with Quinoa miso dressing and Tempura Calamari
This could easily be an entree. She also had the Miso with Clams not pictured.