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Monday, October 11, 2010


I have out of the loop for a bit.  Mom in law was gravely ill, mom lost her battle to breast cancer after being in remission on 9/22 and my father passed away from a heart attack on 10/3.  They will be deeply missed.
Things are so going to be different we know that .  It's been difficult for both families.

I cooked 10 days straight at one point and forget to take pictures of everything.  I guess family was so much more important.

I came down with a cold the other dayand feeling quite drained.

So I cooked today I cooked white corn they looked good we'll have to see how sweet they actually are.

I made a Butter Mochi Cake with Huckleberries fresh ones that I got at the Ferry Bldg last week.  Since I have this cold, I also made some cream of Mushroom and Chicken Soup with Orzo.  I saute'd the mushrooms separately in Sweet Marsala and butter and incorporated into the soup later.