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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our 4 days off

We really needed some time off, after the past couple months.

Our journey took us to the Wine Country of course. Saw some friends met some new friends, had some great wine and tour and great food.

Here goes.

This is at Alpha Omega, you know I've been wanting to go there and never got around to it.  Our friend Bridget Raymond whom is Wine Propietress of Brijitte Wines, sent us there and whoah very nice.  Met a local wahine that works there and well we talked story for a while.  These are the fountains on the grounds quite nice the grounds.  Jackie our new friend at A/O also plants the gardens there as well.

New French Oak Barrels. On the left up there are one of the owners.

These are the grapes after they've been pressed and gone through the fermentation.
It really looked like fall and glad we were there this weekend.

The drive through the tunnel of trees.

Went to Calistoga for lunch and also went to revisit Crystal Geiser been 25 years or so since we last went there.

This Red Dragon fly was something

We had lunch at Brannan's

I had a Ceasar Salad with Salmon

This salmon was so perfectly cooked the skin was exceptionally crispy.

We both had Butternut Squash Soup it was pretty good.
Pappa had a burger but I did not take a photo of it. It was just a burger.

See my hubby in my glass. :-)

This guy was riding this bicycle through the window at Brannan's interesting.

 The grounds and tasting at Cakebread was what I expected. I also got an autographed Cookbook from Delores Cakebread.  The Reserve Chardonnay was awesome.

It was soooo nice seeing the fall colors.

Pappa's Miso Clam Soup at Morimoto, we had dinner with our son and his girlfriend.

Pappa's Kobe just like he likes it.

Red Snapper Display at Morimoto

Morimoto Sushi Rice Pudding with Manila Mango and Verbena Bean Sauce with Tuille

Hubby and his 28 year old Morimoto Sake. Son had some too they both liked it.

I've posted these doughnuts before from Morimoto. They are very good.

Doors should be opening very soon in Napa for Tyler Florence.

Love this entry at Celadon

This is going to be our next dining experience

Last night 11/13/10 we dined at Boulevard One Mission St.,  San Francisco
Nice dining experience $$$$ but worth it.

Monterey Red Abalone and Oyster Starter with Lobster Mushroom and other mushrooms. This was so yummy.

Hubby's Angus Filet Mignon with Chard and Fingerlings cooked medium rare, excellent

This was my Halibut Entree with wilted spinach, a squash blossom stuffed with deliciousness on a bed of avocado quinoa and couscous this was delish!

My dessert was a semifreddo with a oat cookie on top with some passion fruit very subtle. Also with White Chocolate scoop icecream and medallion, with some cookie crumb.

We had some good wine as well '07 Duckhorn Cabernet Sauvignon, 2004 Chateauneuf Du Pape, and 2000 Chateau Mageaux

It was indeed a beautiful weekend.