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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yokun Gold and Okinawan Sweet Potato Homemade Chips

I haven't made these in a while. It's so rainy today so homebody it was and fried these up.

Yukon Golds and Okinawan Sweet Potato.

I use the Switzerland Mandolin and it makes the chips very consistent.

After I slice them up, I soak them in their own bowls to draw out all the starch.  I let them soak for an hour.
This gave me an excuse to go to the store in the rain.

Once I got back to my kitchen, it was time to heat up the oil.

For each batch, I take some out of the bowl and sprinkle some kosher salt and dry off all the moisture,
then into the hot oil.

Once done, take the lovelies out with a spider, salt and pepper them up and go for it.
Hubby at a bag while I was still frying the rest.