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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bean Cake with Pork

Hmmm, like the Ginger Beef trying to figure out how to write this one out, I just only know it in my head.

You'll need:
1 pork steak sliced thinly
or Pick up a pkg of pork that may have been sliced for pork stew or sweet and sour
1/2 yellow onion
2-3 crushed garlic cloves (make into a paste)
1 Tablespoon Fish Sauce
1 Tablespoon Shao Xing Cooking Wine
1/4 water
2 scallions sliced/diced and set aside
1 container of Extra Firm Tofu discard water and cut into squares
Cornstarch Solution:
2 Heaping teaspoons of baking powder
1 cup of chicken stock

In a wok ( I purchased a Wolfgang Puck Wok and I love it)
Saute' the onion then add the garlic followed by the sliced pork, stir this around
add the Fish Sauce (if you don't have fish sauce add a good squirt of anchovy paste)
add the Shao Xing cooking wine, add the water salt and pepper, then simmer until water evaporates
should be about 15-20 minutes on medium heat, this gives a chance for the seasonings to marry.
Once it starts to evaporate you'll know then saute in the tofu and toss gently then add the cornstarch solution, here you can add more water if the gravy sauce is too thick.  It's easier to thin out then to try to rethicken.
If needed you can add more cornstarch solution to thicken.

Add the scallions and serve with rice (Brown or White)