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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lamb Chops for Father's Day for Pappa

Thai Marinade Lamb Chops

I don't eat Lamb Chops not matter what the butcher tells me to do., I just can't eat them.
I like the smell but taste and texture don't agree with me.

Hubby loves these, so I tried a different marinade and he liked them.

1/4 Thai Fish Sauce
1/4 Lite Shoyu
2 teaspoons brown sugar
Garlic and Shallot
Splash of Sesame (a couple drops)
1 Tablespoon Blood Orange Juice and Zest of the same
Cilantro  (Your choice on how much)
I gave this a whirl in the bullet

Poured marinade and let it soak at least 2 hours - 24 hours.

I have a great Grill Pan and heat it up nicely and a splash of a little Good Olive Oil.
They will cook fast for medium, so keep an eye on them.
I deglazed the pan and added a pat of butter and poured over the chops.
I served with brown rice.