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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Blueberry and Yuzu Croissant Bread Pudding for one

Blueberry and Yuzu Croissant Bread Pudding

I don't buy Croissants everyday nor do I make them everyday.  I know how to make those but that will be winter time to make those.  It's getting so darn hot to bake.

I always have Blueberries, and Yuzu is always stocked.  I buy the Trader Joe's Mini Croissants.
Hubby likes those and quick to bake while I prepare lunch for work now that I have to travel 70 miles each way to work.  Eghads.

I had a couple extra ones that he didn't eat.  So  well it's a simple as this:

1 Le Creuset Covered Ramekin this is the oval size
1 Egg
dash of cinnamon
2 stale mini Croissants tear or cut into cubes
1/4 cup Blueberries
1 Tablespoon of mini chocolate morsels
1 Tablespoon of sugar
1/4 half and half
2 Teaspoon Yuzu Juice

I beat the egg, add the half and half, cinnamon, sugar and yuzu juice.  Mix well just use a whip no need for mixer here it's for one and one less headache. Then add the Croissants or bread of choice. Add a little more half if need be you can tell.
Then I butter the ramekin with a little butter then start to layer and add the blueberries and chocolate morsels.
Bake in toaster or convection oven 350 for 20 minutes top will be golden brown.
I only ate half and took the other half to work.
Sprinkle with Powdered sugar.