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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some of Thanksgiving

I hope everyone stopping by had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.
Our family got together at mom's house.  We certainly miss all our parents, their presence is so missed.
So I fixed the Lamb Racks.  You know I love the smell as it cooks, I just can't handle the taste.  Hubby loves them.

Of course I made the lechon pork bellies.

Made the tomato soup, I think it tasted different this time, not too sure what I did different. But I was working on a few things. 

Expiremented with Pumpkin and Day Old Krispy Kremes.  I usually make a Bread Pudding with those left overs so this was a Pumpkin Krispy Bread Pudding

 My sister in law's Sweet Potatoes.

My daughter's Short Ribs

Shun was sure busy

My Cranberry Conserve which we forgot to bring out to go with the Turkey.  

Hmmmm I notices the guys are all here eating.. Hehehe.

I made the Garlic Mashed Potatoes, thank goodness for the ricer.

To snack on earlier in the day,  Chinese Roast Duck Congee that I made as well.