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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I thought i'd post about the latest wines we've had. 

Mother of Exile - Denner Winery Paso Robles *****
This was a very very nice one.  This one was food friendly but really a lovely wine to sit and sip. 

Scott Palazzo's 
2006  Cabernet Franc ****
This too was also very very good.  Had this at Alexander's in SFO with hubby and was quite impressed. 
Called our friend at Pebble Beach Market and picked up 2 bottles. 

Chimney Rock**** 
When I started drinking reds, I was introduced to Chimney Rock, hubby and I try so many different reds, I 
forget about Chimney Rock, we this time we stopped in and Lucas served us and well well the passion 
came back a case later we enjoyed several.  The Tomahawak was really good and had several others.