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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Flan Cake

I've been tinkering on a small scale, what desserts I will be making for Christmas with
the ohana.
I found a recipe online Zoe bakes for deconstructed S'mores which I am dying to make.
I love flan but not too much on the filipino version.  I really like a brazilian type flan that I had in San Diego. I make mine more on the spaniard style.
So I toyed around with this Flan Cake.  It came out quite good.  I downscaled the recipe
and it came out good. I made some adjustments to the recipe to be a bit more diabetic friendly.
ie., I used C and H Stevia for baking.  This sugar I have blended with Lemon Verbena from
my garden this  year and adds a nice little hint of lemon.
This is made with wheat pastry flour so the cake is a little more dense but the textures combined
are quite beautiful, silkiness in the flan then into the cake.

I will post the recipe after I have fine tuned the cake part as it's not quite where I want it.
Bon Appetit.