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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Croughnuts Haumea's Way
Well I don't think I"ll ever see the "Cronut" which is patented here made in our town. No one make s
a good croissant here bakery wise.  They aren't like Parker's in Monterey which I think are one of the best I've had.
I do however, like to make Croissants, I know what going into them and I've taken a lot of time to convert and make them a little more diabetic friendly.  For today's version and help of a Chef friend of mine back east.  I have replaced the all white a/p flour with 3 parts of a/p, bleached multi-grain, and wheat pastry flour and cake flour.   I use C and H Stevia light for Baking which I have blended with lemon verbena that I've cultivated and makes excellent sugar flavor.  There is no egg in this dough but there is real good butter.  
I didn't want to waste the holes which I punched with the blossom so those are my Sakura Blossoms.
The glaze is Espresso ~ Marsala with confectioner's sugar
Now I've seen them piped with pastry cream.  My next project when I make these will be filled with Yuzu Cream.