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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Egg Foo Yung My Way
You know, my hubby loves a good Egg Foo Yung, of course the cooks and Chinese Restaurant owners that we knew way back when are no longer in business and have retired.
So this is my version of the dish.
I found at Marshall's walking and found some egg silicone rings to cook I guess a perfect round egg.
I have to time for that I know how to cook eggs. They were on sale and thinking what else would I use these for.  Alas, Egg Foo Yung!!!!
So I have no recipe i'm working by instinct there.
Here goes, I used about 3 good handfuls of fresh bean sprouts, I chopped coarsely.
Snipped chive from garden, shredded zucchini from garden, baby carrots, and chopped up tocino or char sui or what ever left over meat you got.  Scramble mix the eggs and mix with all the veggies. Once in a while I will throw in peas.  But had no peas in the freezer.  The fresh zucchini from the yard added a nice flavor to it.  I also added thyme that I have in the herb garden. Salt and Pepper, Onion and Garlic Powder.
So the trick is to use a non stick pan set on low heat, then I put the rings in the pan and put a little Olive oil in each ring and then ladle some of the mix in to each ring and then add some of the egg so it will bind well. I do carefully move the rings around so that they will set, after 2-3 minutes remove the ring and carefully use the spatula to gather the running scramble to make keep them round.  Cook another 2-3 minutes on that side and keep going until mixture is gone.
The gravy my way is chicken stock and corn starch solution 1 heaping tablesoon to 2 cups of stock, I also use shitake mushroom powder I make myself, took a bag of them and grinded it down, just a teaspoon, 1 tablespoon soy sauce, and half a packet of brown gravy for body.  Add more water salt and pepper as needed.
Serve with Rice.