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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hakkasan SF inspired salad
Hubby and I went to Hakassan SF last month.  I was inspired by there Crispy Duck Salad,
this is my version with Crispy Char Sui and I got a tweet back on Twitter from Hakassan. !!!

Salmon/Ahi Poke Wonton
A friend of ours made some Ahi Wontos with a sauce a few weeks ago at music practice.
I took it a step further and in these heat, it was what his the spot last Friday.
You need to have good Wonton Pi, this is a Japanese version wonton pi and doesn't retain a lot of oil when you fry.
I used Salmon and Ahi that I got at the Japanese Market, along with black tobiko and wasabi tobiko.
Poke'd up the fish with Oyster Sauce, Shoyu and Sesame oil and chives.
Lastly the sauce/dressing is 1 part mayo, 1 part miso dressing, just of 1/2 lemon, shoyu and sesame oil.

Sticky Rice with Mango and Haupia Cream
What more can I say, sticky rice and mango with Haupia Cream dressed with Black Sesame seeds.