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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bean Cake (tofu) with Pork
One of the many dishes I make.  My son and nephew love this dish I make.

Ramen Burger My way
So I had some ground Wagyu in the freezer and some jowl, and I finely chopped the jowl
seasoned and made the patties. Place in fridge to rest.
The noodles well, I use a Chukka style Ramen, cook the noodles to pkg, drain cut
put in fridge for 15 minutes.  Then I use a round plastic container lid and form the noodles in it
then press in the lid then fry.  The video's call for a beaten egg for a binder.  I elected not.
I then pan fried the noodle don't bother while it's frying and drain on paper towel. Meanwhile start cooking your burgers to desired temperature.
I dressed mine with lettuce, gruyere cheese and my sauce was the miso salad dressing with lemon and shoyu along with some tomato top with ramen top and enjoy.
I personally didn't like eating it like a burger, so I chose to not use the top and used a fork.
Too much humbug.

Ramen Loco Moco my way
So you know that the Ramen burger is making it's hit yeah? Well, I am picky about my ramen noodles, I don't use Top Ramen.  I use a Chukka style, I like the noodles.
so above this one is my version of the Ramen Burger, Wagyu with Pork Jowl.
Well, honestly, it  was good....but i'll leave it at.  I wouldn't order this anywhere though.
I've seen a few video on how folks made it, I did not use an egg to bind, I merely cooled down the noodles but them cup then formed before frying in shallow non stick pan.
I preferred the Ramen Loco Moco which I did above, and would do this now and then.
What makes the gravy ono?  Brown Gravy, homemade or package and use the sauce packet seasoning in the gravy, you won't need the added salt. 
I even used for lunch at work see below and it was indeed ono.