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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cold Somen Salad and Inari Sushi

Cold Somen Salad

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hawk's Restaurant in Granite Bay, Ca.

My nephew Sammy work's at Hawk's Restaurant in Granite Bay.
After attending Nt Ronnie's Granddaughter Aila's 1st Birthday Lu'au I took my husband to see our office, then decided we'd drive more east.  I remembered my nephew works very close by like 2 blocks close by.
It was 5:30 and took a chance without a reservation.  Surely we got seated and everything was great!!!
The Charcuterie Platter was awesome.  I don't do Liverwurst (spelling) but everything else on that platter was devine.  There was one I really really liked but I forgot what it was called now.

Here's the catch, we didn't order this, my nephew is just a darling!!!!
Then we ordered our meal of course, and unbeknownst as our server asked how we were doing,
we were getting full on the Charcuterie already and he advised us that we had another small entree' coming.....gasp I said what??? and yes the Halibut came out and yikes that was absolutely delicious.
Well the rest of Charcuterie came home with me.  Then the main course came out, by then we were so full.....hubby said his filet mignon was really good.  I had the Bavette steak also very very good.
We ended up taking those home too.  I made wraps the following day with those.

Yes we had dessert, pappa had the Vanilla Gelato no photo it wasn't really pretty.
I had the Vanilla Panna Cotta with Passion Fruit Gelee' and I loved it with crumbs of chocolate. 

Fettucini with Pancetta, Peas and Roma Sauce

I had a vacation day today, had a procedure done at the doctor's office.  Popped open the work laptop checked in with the boss, checked my emails.
Then proceeded to rest and I was feeling pretty under the weather.
Well, got hungry and since I am not allowed anything fried of any kind pasta it is.
I always have Pancetta here so here it is. Bon Appetit!!

Short Rib Soup

This was simply a soup with short rib meat, of course bone in to make the broth.  Inside also are, Isreal Couscus, Red Quinoa, Lentils, Chive and Carrots.  Voila!

Caprese Salad my way

I found a beautiful basket of baby heirloom tomatoes and saw the fresh mozzarella and voila, on top is micro arugula greens man, I love those micro greens.  The dressing??? Olive oil and Chateau St. Jean Blood Orange vinegar.


Been absent

Sorry, I haven't been able to update this blog in a big.
I have been busy with my commute for work which is 3 hours of my day. By the time I get home it's been slamming things together and pretty much forgetting about taking photo's and  updating.
I have a few things from the past few weeks. Hope you are all doing well out there.