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Sunday, July 22, 2012

These are from my Garden.
I only have 5 varieties of Tomatoes.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Steamed Bao with Kawali Lechon

Homemade Hoisin Sauce

I was kind of craving these dang bao's so.....well here you have it.
Yes I made the bao from scratch. Kawali'd the pork belly.
I would have rather have had Kakuni Pork Belly in there but it's all good and nothing like the
crunch of the skin.
I made my own Hoisin Sauce and was quite happy with the results.

The fixins, fresh coriander, julienned baby carrots and chive from my herb garden.
I forgot I had sweet pea sprout to throw in there as well.

Bon Appetit!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I thought i'd post about the latest wines we've had. 

Mother of Exile - Denner Winery Paso Robles *****
This was a very very nice one.  This one was food friendly but really a lovely wine to sit and sip. 

Scott Palazzo's 
2006  Cabernet Franc ****
This too was also very very good.  Had this at Alexander's in SFO with hubby and was quite impressed. 
Called our friend at Pebble Beach Market and picked up 2 bottles. 

Chimney Rock**** 
When I started drinking reds, I was introduced to Chimney Rock, hubby and I try so many different reds, I 
forget about Chimney Rock, we this time we stopped in and Lucas served us and well well the passion 
came back a case later we enjoyed several.  The Tomahawak was really good and had several others. 

Pancit Bihon my way 

I wanted Rice Sticks today, so this is Pancit Bihon my way. 
Skirt steak, micro bell pepper, garlic chives, chives, scallion, carrot and zucchini along with some Funghi, and Black mushroom. 

Lechon Kawali my way 

Kawali is one of those filipino dishes utilizing Pork Shoulder. 
It's usually boiled then dried chilled then deep fried the next day.  Pre-diabetes diagnosis, I did like this dish but never cooked it the traditional way as it seemed so tedious. 

Since I cook Pork Belly, and I use my turbo oven alot , why not give it a try.  I usually make the lechon in here.   So the butcher here was able to slice the pork belly think enough I cooked at 375 for about an hour twenty minutes.  

The nice thing this way is the fat will render off very nicely. 

My New York Crumb Cakes with huckleberries and valrhona crisps

Pappa needed his coffee cake so I made him a New York Crumb Coffee cake now I altered the sugar for Stevia and it works quite nicely and he can't tell the difference which is nice.  Then this way I can have a piece. 

Well, Happy 4th of July 2012 it's been a while since I posted. 

Bon Appetit!!!!!!