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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A couple weeks ago the fog really rolled in midday. 
The top of Golden Gate Bridge, this was from Tiburon

Mondrion Vanilla Cake at SF MOMA, San Francisco.
I saw this on either the best thing I ever ate, or something like that. was good but for me wasn't the best thing.

Paradigm with dinner at Dry Creek Kitchen
Just love this one by Heidi Barrett.
No photo's of dinner it was good we had before.  I had the Rib Eye and it was not
Camera Pretty

I took this photo walking down the square in Healdsburg before dinner at Charlie Palmer's
Dry Creek Kitchen, which by the way I really enjoy.  This was a pretty shot

Goose and Gander
My dessert coffee ice cream with a salted caramel brownie

Goose and  Gander in St. Helena
This is the Halibut Entree

Goose and Gander
Went here for my Birthday last month.
This is their rendition of Charcuterie really yummy

Chicken Wings from The Kitchen Door Napa 

Tri Tip, Garlic Noodles and Saffroned Brown rice.
I fixed this a bit back
Just a little saffron really adds nice flavor to brown rice.

These are the variety from my garden. They were all good.  I also had some San Marzano as well.

Guava Cheesecake for Dessert Forbe's Mill

Pappa's birthday dinner Kobe at Forbe's Mill, Danville, Ca.

Halibut entree' at Forbe's Mill Danville, Ca. 

Pappa's Birthday Dinner Forbe's Mill Danville, CA.
Nice touch on the menu for his special day along with a special bottle of Merus Cabernet one
of our favorite wines.

Lechon Kawali my way

Saifun with mixed vegetables.
This one is diabetic friendly.  Sweet mini pepper, green onion green beans, shitake and beef.

Mini New York Crumb Cakes
Just when you only want a little piece.

I've neglected the old blog here.  I have been so busy at work.
This weekend I caught this flu/cold bug going around and still recuperating.
I did need to eat so I had these items and voila.
So since I have my Diabetes type II controlled.  I am lucky as I didn't and don' have to take meds.
I dropped 30 lbs and work out 3 times a week and Zumba twice a week.
I am still experimenting with dishes and haven't been able to post.
So here I made a Foccacia with bleached organic flour surprised myself it came out good. But it's not the same as "00" flour.
Here, I was inspired by a friends photo of a pasta dish with Artichoke and Spinach.
So, well this is Orzo with Pancetta, Artichokes, Spinach, Fava Beans and leeks, in  a porcini with white wine sauce with a splash of cream. Voila!!!