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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hakkasan SF inspired salad
Hubby and I went to Hakassan SF last month.  I was inspired by there Crispy Duck Salad,
this is my version with Crispy Char Sui and I got a tweet back on Twitter from Hakassan. !!!

Salmon/Ahi Poke Wonton
A friend of ours made some Ahi Wontos with a sauce a few weeks ago at music practice.
I took it a step further and in these heat, it was what his the spot last Friday.
You need to have good Wonton Pi, this is a Japanese version wonton pi and doesn't retain a lot of oil when you fry.
I used Salmon and Ahi that I got at the Japanese Market, along with black tobiko and wasabi tobiko.
Poke'd up the fish with Oyster Sauce, Shoyu and Sesame oil and chives.
Lastly the sauce/dressing is 1 part mayo, 1 part miso dressing, just of 1/2 lemon, shoyu and sesame oil.

Sticky Rice with Mango and Haupia Cream
What more can I say, sticky rice and mango with Haupia Cream dressed with Black Sesame seeds.

Egg Foo Yung My Way
You know, my hubby loves a good Egg Foo Yung, of course the cooks and Chinese Restaurant owners that we knew way back when are no longer in business and have retired.
So this is my version of the dish.
I found at Marshall's walking and found some egg silicone rings to cook I guess a perfect round egg.
I have to time for that I know how to cook eggs. They were on sale and thinking what else would I use these for.  Alas, Egg Foo Yung!!!!
So I have no recipe i'm working by instinct there.
Here goes, I used about 3 good handfuls of fresh bean sprouts, I chopped coarsely.
Snipped chive from garden, shredded zucchini from garden, baby carrots, and chopped up tocino or char sui or what ever left over meat you got.  Scramble mix the eggs and mix with all the veggies. Once in a while I will throw in peas.  But had no peas in the freezer.  The fresh zucchini from the yard added a nice flavor to it.  I also added thyme that I have in the herb garden. Salt and Pepper, Onion and Garlic Powder.
So the trick is to use a non stick pan set on low heat, then I put the rings in the pan and put a little Olive oil in each ring and then ladle some of the mix in to each ring and then add some of the egg so it will bind well. I do carefully move the rings around so that they will set, after 2-3 minutes remove the ring and carefully use the spatula to gather the running scramble to make keep them round.  Cook another 2-3 minutes on that side and keep going until mixture is gone.
The gravy my way is chicken stock and corn starch solution 1 heaping tablesoon to 2 cups of stock, I also use shitake mushroom powder I make myself, took a bag of them and grinded it down, just a teaspoon, 1 tablespoon soy sauce, and half a packet of brown gravy for body.  Add more water salt and pepper as needed.
Serve with Rice.

Chicken Tinola with Long Rice
Kinda Filipino kinda Hawaiian
Last week marked 7 years after my mom left us for the heavens.  She could cook certain dishes of course influenced living in Kaua'i.  I so missed her last week.  But this is my version of Chicken Tinola with long rice noodles.

Some of my veggies

Haumea's Chickateers
Here are our 3 girls, they are now 5 months old, they are clucking away. There are such good sweet girls. 
Hopefully, now they will start to lay eggs for us.   Looking forward to fresh eggs.
They are such picky eaters.  I started making them a mix from Garden Betty for chicken feed which I mix with they Layena.  They love fresh cooked corn, salad, arugula, they love left over rice too.
Reminds me I need to give them salad today.

Hubby was in Montana recently, also he went to France with his mom and siblings and he told me about how good the eggs were.  Thus, this is why we have 3 hens for just that purpose.

This is the first time I grew artichokes.  These are the beauties on my plant 1 of 4.  In the far right is Zucchini.  I loved how this photo came out.

Croughnuts Haumea's Way
Well I don't think I"ll ever see the "Cronut" which is patented here made in our town. No one make s
a good croissant here bakery wise.  They aren't like Parker's in Monterey which I think are one of the best I've had.
I do however, like to make Croissants, I know what going into them and I've taken a lot of time to convert and make them a little more diabetic friendly.  For today's version and help of a Chef friend of mine back east.  I have replaced the all white a/p flour with 3 parts of a/p, bleached multi-grain, and wheat pastry flour and cake flour.   I use C and H Stevia light for Baking which I have blended with lemon verbena that I've cultivated and makes excellent sugar flavor.  There is no egg in this dough but there is real good butter.  
I didn't want to waste the holes which I punched with the blossom so those are my Sakura Blossoms.
The glaze is Espresso ~ Marsala with confectioner's sugar
Now I've seen them piped with pastry cream.  My next project when I make these will be filled with Yuzu Cream.