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Friday, April 16, 2010

last nights and today's event

Last night no cooking. Ho'okipa played for the 5th Anniversary of Bel Air in Natomas. We had dinner at Kobe in Natomas. I had Saba Shioyaki and no rice.

Today I've had a weird sore throat for 3 days loosing my voice. I don't feel 100%. Doc says allergies but need to keep an eye on it. More advair, flonase and need rest. What is that?

Tonight hubby drove to 707 had dinner at Jeanty Bistro. Pappa had Sole Meniuirek, Tomato Soup. I had tomato soup and asparagus terrine with chive. Wonderful.

Photos to follow.

Went for a walk through Thomas Kellers French Laundry's sustainable garden.
Walked over to Bottega and saw Chef Chiarello working today. He is a busy chef.  Didn't have a chance to chat as he had a private event going on in his flagship store.

Got in the last tasting at Opus One. Wow. '04 'cest bonne,
The '05 also good. However, '06 in my opinion far superb.

Ana Mandara Dinner SFO Ghirardelli Square  our other favorite place

Hubby had Lamb Chop and a Crab Soup along with a couple Caipirinha's.
I had the Braised Pork Belly with the Kobacha Puree'
Dessert pappa had Blackberry Sorbet and I had the Chocolate Mousse Napolean
The Wafers were fried Wonton