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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dinner Tonight a tad late

Here is dinner tonight.  It's a tad late tonight.  I had a little tumble at WalMart earlier at the cashier stand.
I was looking at Willy Wonka Candy in a canister.  Hard Pomegranite with a soft center. As I read the dang thing I said, no I don't need it.  I went to put it back like a good little big girl and I slipped and fell so fast.
I bruised my knee hip.  They took a report.  Yes it swelled and the skin ripped off.

Anyhow while I worked out shakes, anxiety and adrenalin.  I came home and here we are.

Ahi Tuna Tartar with a mixed green salad and avo's with a blood orange vinagrette.

Organic Nood Udon with left over Cracklin Pork Belly and Chive with Dashi.

Sinple tonight.   Bon Appetit'

The best Blood Orange Vinegar I've tasted and the Pomegranite.  I am going back for more.
Chateau St. Jean.