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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hangar Steak Hash
You know, I knew what Corned Beek Hash was, but didn't really think of Steak Hash.
So twice in the past 10 days, I saw a girlfriends dish she had at Orphan in Sacramento.  It looked
so delicious.
Yesterday a Chef friend posted his steak hash and that was it.
So when I saw Chef Pahk's posting (he's now the Executive Chef at the Mauna Kea Hotel
on Big Island up in the Kohala area.  I realized that I had leftover hangar steak that I made for
hubby and I. So I chopped some fingerlings, garlic and onion chives and voila.  I fixed one egg over medium to accompany my dish and finished it with Black Truffle butter.
I was happy, and so simple and what didn't I know of this before?
Bon Appetit.